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I’ve been in sex work almost as long as Amazon has existed. Way back when the pre-turn-of-the-century Internet was just string tied to tin cans powered by squirrels, Amazon only sold books and I used it to order the very first books of my large, sex work library.

Now,  Amazon has expanded to the point where it’s hard to avoid its presence in the world (and outer space). I’m a terrible person because I use Amazon all the time. If you’re also a terrible person, you might also use Amazon; or receive Amazon gift cards as a deposit, payment, or as a gift.

The curated book lists below are all available on Amazon. I’m hoping you find these books helpful or useful. I’ve read almost all the books in my lists. These lists are not a comprehensive list the books available; it’s a list of the ones I think are good if you want to learn more about sex work and some of the people in it, or how to maximize your own business and profits.

The books vary from how-to, to public policy, to memoir, fiction, and sheer speculation. All are worthwhile reads and most of these I’ve been recommending for years. Some books are digital-only, some print-only, some out-of-print but worth trying to find.

There are several lists, arranged topically, so keep scrolling.

Build an Escorting Library

Most escorts are readers. And we love reading about our work.

All of these books have knowledge to offer escorts, regardless of how far along they are in their career. These are not the only escort-related books you’ll find on this page, of course. These are what I consider the strongest basics and an excellent start to your sex work library.

(Other than mine first, there’s not any particular order.)

Kindle Unlimited

Want all-you-can-read for $10/month? Then Kindle Unlimited is for you! It also gives you access Audible books and three magazines subscriptions. It begins with a 30 day free trial.

Not all books are on Unlimited, but enough are that it could make a difference in your book budget if you’re a high-volume reader.

Continuing Education

Now we branch out from escort-centric. You’ll find introductions to other types of sex work, various sex work memoirs, or sex work-adjacent books. I’m including books whose concepts translate well to Internet escorting, even if that was not the original intent of the author. The scope here is much broader.

There are many more memoirs out than what’s listed here, like the many from Asia, Australia and Europe. This list is very US-centric because it’s what I’m most familiar with. (And since our laws are so harmful, passing knowledge through memoirs is very important for us.)


The question of how to be a courtesan comes up often. European society reached a pinnacle for the most elite sex workers that is arguably not matched today. There are courtesans throughout history, in every society. These books just brush the surface of the European tradition, with a little bit of very good fiction thrown in.

If your interest is piqued, there’s so much more to discover than just what’s listed here.

Business, Branding, Marketing, Photography, and More

Because it’s difficult to write about how to run your business as an escort without getting mired in serious legal issues, it’s often easier to translate business concepts from other areas into escort work. Business is business, after all. Most concepts of branding, marketing, photography, web design, etc. translate quite well without needing much modification.

These are all books I’ve found useful/helpful/extremely informative and applicable to my escort work, despite few of them being written by sex workers. (This is one list I’ll be adding to for a while.)

Screening and Safety

There’s no one single book on screening, nor could it ever stay right on top of changing laws, or websites. But the fundamentals of looking into someone’s background can be learned by any books on the topics of private investigation, background checking, or skip-tracing.

Learning how to read people, especially men, and learning to trust your own instincts, are some of the most important skills you can ever learn as an escort. It could save your life.

Money and Investing

There aren’t a lot of finance books required to answer your questions and start working towards your goals. Some basic investing knowledge is all most people need or want. I’ve read a lot of financial and economic books, and they start to blur together after a while because there’s only so many ways for a person to handle their money within the US. 

These books are what I consider the best summaries of knowledge you need for basic comptency to be able to handle your money without wasting your money on a financial advisor or scams. One book in particular, Millionaire Teacher, I’ve bought and given copies to family and friends. It’s the book I recommend buying before any others (in this category). 

Basic budgeting is covered in a couple of books but if you’re intelligent enough to do this work, you can figure out how to budget and don’t need a specific book for that.

Fun Extras

If you need an emotional support animal but can’t have one, or can’t travel with yours, take these cards with you! A great little idea with excellent reviews. (And I like card sets.)

A non-traditional deck of cards to be used in personal musings or inspiration for writing, featuring female writers and domestic symbolism. Beautiful, fun set, I’ve used this often before writing anything personal to settle my mind and focus my thoughts.

The most hilarious sex work book I’ve seen on Amazon (I know why she’s doing this, it’s brilliant):

Three sex work slogans across an array of clothing and a little bit of merchandise. I know nothing of the companies behind any of this, but they’re available on Amazon. Be a loud and proud sex worker! (Or gift someone who is.)

Sex Work is Work

Support Your Local Sex Workers

Support Sex Workers

An entire series of BDSM guides on specific topics by respected authors in the field. This way, you only buy what you want to know.

Toybag Guides

Offensiveness disclosure

There are books not included you probably think should be. There are books on these lists you probably think shouldn’t be. Either way, my choices are going to offend someone for some reason. My inclusion or exclusion are personal opinions about the content, not statements of fact or some sort of hidden message about anyone else. You’re free to not read what you don’t wish to read.

If you think I’ve missed a really great book, let me know! I’ve hardly read every single book available on any of these topics. (There are plenty of escorting books I’ve read that I don’t recommend because I don’t feel they offer value to the reader, which I’m sure offends someone. Please refer to the paragraph above.)

There may also be books I’ve simply forgotten. I’ve been reading about sex work since high school, which was quite a while back. I forget things every now and then. (Which means I may never fully complete some of these lists.)

All these lists are is the spreading of knowledge; books that I enjoyed and felt moved me forward in life in some way. After years and years of making random book lists or personal recommendations, I’ve finally collected the books all in one place, as best I can. That’s it, it’s not really that deep.

Affiliate disclosure

Please note that most of these links are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This doesn’t affect your price (unless I also have a coupon code for you), but it helps me with some passive income and I appreciate your support of a sex worker.

If you want to do the same thing, it’s easy to sign up. It requires your real info for tax purposes. Since Amazon is global, people in many countries can sign up for an affiliate code, it’s not just limited to US citizens.