The Internet Escort’s Handbooks


Book 1: The Foundation

ISBN 10: 0-9780944-0-9
ISBN 13: 978-0-9780944-0-9
1st edition released Oct. 16, 2006

This is the definitive book on safe, sane, successful escort work. Common newbie questions are addressed as well as tips for seasoned escorts on defining one’s image/brand, maximizing income, and personal safety. Also an illuminating read for those curious about escort work, such as clients or allies.

Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online

Book 2: Advertising and Marketing

ISBN-10: 0-9780944-1-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9780944-1-6
1st edition released Feb. 23, 2009

This book dives deep into Internet escort advertising and marketing techniques. From DIY photography tips to leveraging reviews to rate structures that work, this book is for the professional escort who wants to raise her game.


The Escort’s Notebook

ISBN 13: 978-0-9780944-5-4
1st edition released Dec. 28, 2018

Originally a companion blog to the two books above, now curated and updated; it stands on its own with a full range of topics from screening, to advertising, to clients, to sex work activism. Includes popular entries such as:

  • My First Professional Sex
  • Escort Emergency Start-up Kit
  • What Makes a Good Client?
  • Expensive vs High-End
  • Escort Screening 101
  • Boundaries
  • Natural-Looking French Manicure
  • Literary Sex Ed for Escorts, Sex Worker Library, and Courtesan Books

The Books, In Depth

The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation is an unprecedented, honest look into Internet-based escort work. The basic issues of escort work affect all escorts, regardless of where they advertise. Avoid painful and often harmful newbie mistakes.

The physical considerations require more than just being thin and blonde. Being an escort requires taking care of one’s self, inside and out, in ways that will maximize profits while keeping an escort happy and safe. Enjoy simple tips to looking better and finding the confidence to stop agonizing over every little thing.

The Internet Escort’s Handbook gives one the foundation for safe and sane escort work. All aspects of an escort’s physical health are covered. Sexual health risks encompass a lot more than AIDS and herpes.

There are a lot of mental and emotional pitfalls involved with being an escort and it is very hard to prepare for them if one isn’t aware of what the job requires. (Surprise, it’s not sex!)

An escort’s emotional health is just as crucial as her physical health and safety…if not more so! The mental/emotional aspects of escort work are discussed in detail. Safeguarding an escort’s emotional health ensures she will retire a happy person.

Though it may seem obvious, having basic knowledge for a stigmatized business is the best form of protection one could use. There’s more at stake than bad reviews or disgruntled clients, one’s well-being is the most important factor in this work.

The “obvious” is not always obvious.

The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing opens with a tour through some Web sites that are important for Internet escorts to be aware of and gives a basic understanding of the intersecting elements of advertising and reviews, including some of the unfortunate pitfalls.

The changing landscape of Internet escort advertising started with USC 2257, covered within. Ethical advertising is still the safest, most legal ideal and this book continues with that theme.

The tangle of creating a stage name and persona is discussed, step by step, all the way through professional and DIY photos, advertising and website writing, blogging, and website design. Though summarized in a sentence, these concerns and options take up a large portion of the book.

One of the most common concerns is how an escort knows what to charge for her time. The simple answer is: enough for her to accomplish her goals. Escorts shouldn’t allow the false economics of escort work to prevent them from earning what they should. Most Internet escorts undercharge for their time and energy. The easy math formula provided gives a proper starting point.

Eventually, escorts must interact with clients. The various ways of communicating with clients, and handling communications is the first step, followed by in-person meetings. An escort’s appearance, dress, behavior, and environment make a huge difference in whether or not clients return. Returning clients means success.

Finally, many of those little odd questions are answered, such as: what can one do if one isn’t a smashing success (there are more options than just lowering rates and hoping for the best). What about ad-scraper sites or copycat escorts? How does an escort giver herself a “raise?” Is creating separate identities ethical?

The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing is perfect for an in-depth view of how an escort can run an ethical business, advertise her personality, and successfully sell her time without resorting to deception or desperation. Retaining her happiness and personal sanity is the key to remaining successful through troubling legal changes in the industry, not to mention dealing with the predators that are often attracted to the business (and not of all of those predators are men).

The Escort’s Notebook: A Decade of Writing on Internet Sex Work spans from September 2006 to April 2015. Amanda includes unpublished pieces, as well as pieces from her side of private conversations.

The heart of the book are the blog entries from her blog, The Notebook — A Bu$ine$$ Blog For Escorts. It was a companion blog to The Internet Escort’s Handbook series. The entries are as written, with additional updates as needed.

As a companion blog to inform independent Internet escorts of news and bits of interest she didn’t include in her two books, above; the entries span from health, business, advertising, marketing, legal issues, issues with clients, personal life, and sex worker rights activism, to some of Amanda’s personal stories (and mistakes). Perhaps most compelling are the small bits of news she notes which were the forerunners of the laws known as SESTA/FOSTA today.

The book has value as information for working escorts, healthy perspectives for clients, and a historical angle for anyone interested in the mostly-undocumented history of sex workers in a criminalized country, working under oppressive, changing laws.

While Amanda’s books are an excellent foundation for safe, sane, and successful escort work, they’re not the only books to read. Many other authors, both sex workers and non, have contributed to the knowledge Amanda has accumulated over the years, and used in her own work. She has continually referred to a number of these books, and randomly created basic reading lists. Finally, she curated all these books into topical lists and put these lists into one place.

The Internet Escort’s Amazon Bookstore is one-stop shopping for rounding out your knowledge-base or building your own sex work library. If you’re in the mood to read, Amanda has a book for that!

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